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The pros and cons of outsourcing your HR

According to the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), around 39% of small and medium-sized businesses outsource some if not all of their HR functions in the UK. Payroll services are the most common element of human resources which are outsourced. That’s not an insignificant figure.  The benefits are obvious - reduced overheads, increased efficiency, access to expertise and knowledge, immediate guidance for changes in legislation and employment law to name a few.&nbs...

November 25, 2021

Returning to the workplace, vaccination policies and the Delta variant

How are businesses continuing to react to pandemic pressure?We wrote a post back in May this year providing guidance for employers about company Covid-19 vaccination policies - Covid Vaccinations - how do employers tread the path?...

September 10, 2021

The furlough scheme winds down - is redundancy planning on the horizon?

An article published on the Employee Benefits website, discusses the issues facing many businesses now that the furlough scheme is winding down.  The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) ends on 30 September, with the government hoping that most workers will be able to return to work. Speaking back in June, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that he didn’t anticipate extending the furlough scheme into the autumn. Economists are expecting to see an increase in unemployment following...

September 9, 2021

Is there a link between flexible working and burnout?

As we've discussed in previous blogs, our health and our workplace are intrinsically linked. We've looked at 'Protecting your employees' mental health and wellbeing' and how businesses can establish a wellbeing culture. We've covered 'Hybrid working: It's here to stay but will it work for your business?' where we give guidance on how to set up a Hybrid Working policy and offer suggestions about what companies can offer employees in the absence of such a policy - if the hybrid model isn...

July 1, 2021

Flexible working is key to your business' success

Here at Q&A People Matter, we're firmly of the belief that flexible working pays dividends for your company and your employees. By offering flexible working, your business is setting itself apart from those that don't. Research suggests that flexible working is a top priority for people looking at a potential new employer - more so than the financial package on offer.  In our first blog in a series of 3 about flexible working we asked 'Why is burnout on the increase when flex...

June 24, 2021

Why is burnout on the increase when flexible working has become more relevant?

In a series of 3 blogs, we look specifically at flexible working, its pros and cons and whether (with so many companies looking to adopt a flexible working policy) it will ultimately resolve or contribute to the phenomenon of job burnout. In this, our first blog, we're going to discuss what role the pandemic has had in increasing work related stress and potential burnout. In a previous blog, we reported on the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) annual report citing that in 2019/2020 it was esti...

June 17, 2021

Protecting your employees' mental health and wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Week ran from 10th-16th May this year. There's a strong argument for making mental awareness every employer's priority, every week.  At Q&A People Matter, we encourage all our clients to keep mental health at the top of their agenda. Last month we posted on Q&A's social media business pages, reporting on the World Health Organization's (WHO) study: 'Long working hours increasing deaths from heart disease and stroke' and the worrying correlation between working l...

June 1, 2021

COVID vaccinations - how do employers tread the path?

In this blog we acknowledge the issue around enforcing a COVID vaccination for your employees as restrictions begin to lift. How can employers create a workplace environment which is supportive and constructive in its approach to the vaccination programme? In earlier blogs, we've looked at how the pandemic has impacted upon the way we work and the way we manage our teams in terms of mental health, wellness, flexible working and productivity. In our previous blog 'Hybrid working: It's here t...

May 26, 2021

Hybrid working: It's here to stay but will it work for your business?

In a previous blog, 'Ditching the daily commute - is it really a boost for mental health?' we looked at how the pandemic has caused a cultural shift to home working. We asked the question: How can employers support their workers, not only to maintain productivity but to maintain mental wellbeing? In a survey of 50 large companies, representing 1.1 million workers, the BBC Business article 'No full-time return to the office for over a million' reports that 86% of the companies questioned said the...

May 11, 2021

The furlough scheme changes (from 1 May 2021)

From 1 May, the furlough scheme (also referred to as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme) will change. We've done a brief synopsis here but we recommend you visit GOV.UK's page 'Check if you can claim for your employees' wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme' for more detail....

May 4, 2021

Ditching the daily commute - is it really a boost for mental health?

Earlier this month we shared an article on social media reporting on an internal survey conducted by Nationwide Building Society. In the survey, 36% of office staff expressed their wish to have a 'blended work experience'. Just 6% of respondents said they wanted to return to their office environment once lockdown restrictions began easing. As a result, Nationwide has announced that all 13,000 office based staff will be offered the option to work remotely on a permanent basis. Quoted in...

April 13, 2021

Are you ready for IR35 changes?

IR35 tax legislation has been in place since 2000 - reforms were made with respect to the public sector from April 2017 and as of this month are now in place for private organisations (delayed by one year due to COVID-19). Essentially, the legislation was brought in to ensure contractors (off payroll) and employees (on payroll) are subject to comparable tax deductions when they are undertaking the same role. Historically, an employee could resign from a role within a company with the sole intent...

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