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Get your recruitment ad to yield results

The job market is running hot and candidates have plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Don't just take our word for it - figures from the Office for National Statistics, reported in the Financial Times indicate the UK's employment rate rose 75.6% between February and April - up 0.2% on the previous quarter. According to the Guardian, job vacancies rose to 1.3 million in May.

Economists believe the job market could start cooling off in the coming months but in the meantime, businesses continue to have difficulties searching for and attracting top talent. 

How does your recruitment strategy stand out from the crowd? 

Here's our 3 top tips for writing a job listing that will help you find the right person for your team.

1. Sell up the role first

Instead of beginning with a job description, person specification or a list of requirements, sell the role first. Grab the attention of the job hunter and encourage them to read on.

What makes the job most appealing? What's your USP? Is the role in an exciting industry to be in right now? 

If your location is enticing make sure it gets a mention. Disclose the salary and rewards scheme up front. 

Do you offer flexible working - this is definitely a show stopper for many potential candidates at the moment (as demonstrated by a survey undertaken by Workable)

Source: workable.com

Source: workable.com

2. Keep it short AND simple

Longer job ads, packed with detailed descriptions and plenty of jargon, can feel like they’re making your business seem more attractive. However, it's worth seeing things from the candidates' perspective; if they have hundreds of jobs to choose from, they might simply look at a dense wall of text, feel overwhelmed and move to the next advertisement.

Aim for straightforward, readable language without unnecessary words or repetition.

It's advisable to keep your job listing to a maximum of 700 words – any longer and it becomes a self-defeating exercise.

3. Avoid meaningless clichés

We've all seen candidate statements saying how they can work independently or part of a team. We can feel frustrated by the lack of individuality a candidate has sought to apply to their application. 

So don't apply the same process to the job listing!

Think about how many job ads specify their business operates in a 'fast-paced environment', how the candidate will be working in an 'amazing and friendly team' or how the job requires someone with 'excellent communication skills'. 

Avoid meaningless phrases and be specific and 'real' about your company. It may require a little more time and thought to produce the job ad but the end result is a genuine and more accurate depiction of the role. Ultimately, you want a great match between your requirements and the attributes the candidate has to offer. 

Being vague or using cliches will not guarantee a good fit.

How can Q&A People Matter help?

Our team at Q&A People Matter have expertise and experience delivering people management services.

Get in contact with us. We can build a recruitment strategy with you - from establishing a policy, to making sure your hiring process is robust and identifies the best talent.


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