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July 2022

Employee Benefits


Reported in Employee Benefits, a survey by Breakroom identified the top UK businesses as rated by parents. From a starting point of 230,000 respondents, the survey asked employees working in organisations with 100 parents or more whether their employer was good for caring and if their job was enjoyable.

Breakroom survey finds Aldi, Amazon and Royal Mail in top 3 as rated by parents

June 2022



Pluralsight's 'State of Upskilling 2022', reported in ZDNet provides us with interesting data. Of the 7,000 technologists surveyed, 40% say the main reason for looking for a new position is a lack of professional development in their current role. And yet almost 90% said they wanted to develop their digital skills.

Since the areas of cybersecurity and cloud computing are where the skills gap is being felt the most, businesses must address the issue in order to keep up with the 'new normal' of remote working where this knowledge is in demand.

Upskilling could be the answer to the global digital skills gap

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive has updated its advice for employers concerning pregnant workers and new mothers and their protection in the workplace. Employers must also carry out an individual risk assessment that covers a worker’s specific needs when they inform you in writing that they are pregnant, have given birth in the last 6 months, or are breastfeeding.

The update has been reported on the TUC website:

The HSE has updated guidance on risk assessments for pregnant workers and new mothers

May 2022

Sky News


Reported by Sky News, data from the Office for National Statistics suggests at least 8 in 10 people who worked from home during the pandemic will adopt a hybrid working routine in the future.

8 in 10 people want to continue working from home

Small Business

Regardless of company size, it makes business sense to have an HR policy in place. This guide in SmallBusiness.co.uk runs through what you need to include to ensure you are covering the basics.

Even if you're just thinking of employing 1 or 2 people every business should have a written policy in place.

The fundamental elements to include in an HR policy

People Management

Employers are being urged to do more to support employees suffering with long Covid.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that 2.8% of the population is suffering with symptoms of long Covid and around 1.2 million say it's affecting their ability to carry out daily tasks.

Women are more likely to experience long Covid, as are those in the 39-45 age bracket or who live in deprived areas. Those who work in sectors such as social care, healthcare and education are also more likely to continue to experience symptoms of Covid, such as fatigue and shortness of breath.

1.2 million employees suffering from symptoms of long Covid

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits reports on the news that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) will be enabling employees to down tools from lunchtime on Fridays between June and August. That's in response to a successful pilot last year and positive feedback from 90% of their workforce.

PWC to reintroduce summer hours for 2022 following pilot last year

April 2022

People Management


The CIPD has released its report: An update on flexible and hybrid working practices.  

Key findings (reported by People Management magazine) from data collected in October and November last year from 1,196 employers and employees, showed 41% felt productivity had increased due to new working practices. That's up from 33% of respondees last year.

Those reporting a negative impact on productivity as a result of flexible working had dropped from 23% to 18%.

CIPD has released its report: An update on flexible and hybrid working practices


The CIPD has released its 22nd Health and Wellbeing at Work report. HR leaders face challenging times; the skills shortage, staff retention, increasing costs, the long term impact of COVID, remote working management. It's no surprise to learn then, that implementing wellbeing practices at work has taken a slight 'hit' in the past year and emphasis on mental health has waned.

CIPD Report - Health and Wellbeing at Work 2022

Personnel Today reports on the launch of Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) - promoting and extolling the benefits of embracing a neurodiverse workforce.
Founder members include Accenture, AstraZeneca, Bank of England, Capita, Network Rail, Sky and Unilever.

Neurodiversity in Business forum launched in the UK 


Covered on the Personnel Today website, the Trades Union Congress (The TUC) has today published a report into the application of AI and surveillance technology for the purpose of monitoring employees.

TUC warns against employee monitoring

Personnel Today

From 6 April 2022, Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) will be introduced to support employers carrying out right to work and pre-employment DBS checks.

More importantly, for those companies which have adopted the temporary adjusted pre-employment checks during the pandemic, the date for scrapping temporary measures has been extended to 30 September 2022. Video based checks and scanned rather than original documents will be accepted for validating purposes.

Temporary adjusted pre-employment checks remain in operation until 30 September 2022

CIPD's Labour Market Outlook which surveyed 1,000 companies in January has generated some interesting statistics. Reported in  key facts gleaned include: 

  • 70% of employers intend to recruit between January and March
  • The median basic pay award for this year is 3% - the highest rate since 2012/13
  • 40% of companies expect to increase basic pay this year

Labour Market Outlook: Winter 2021-22

The British Chambers of Commerce has joined forces with Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to highlight the benefits of apprenticeships. It's not just about the opportunities these schemes offer individuals but the benefits to be had by employers too. More employers than ever are offering schemes or expanding on existing programmes - and companies of any size are encouraged to get involved.

National Apprenticeship Week

Great leaders need to adapt to change in a complex world.

This Leading Edge article on HR News discusses the strategies business leaders should put in place to achieve 'connected hybrid working' and looks at how to achieve maximum productivity whilst keeping everyone connected and engaged.

Employ 'connected hybrid working' strategies to sustain business growth

IKEA announces its move to cut sick pay for those employees who are self-isolating and are not vaccinated. The retail giant's statement confirms that Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) only could be paid to unvaccinated staff. This BBC News article also discusses what other companies are doing to try and reduce staff absence due to Covid and self isolation regulations.

IKEA announces move to cut sick pay for unjabbed staff who are required to self-isolate

A survey of 161 independent HR consultancies by HR Independents, covered in HR magazine demonstrates a certain degree of optimism for 2022. 

The profile of Human Resources has never looked stronger; the services and support a great team can provide to a business in these times of uncertainty have shown themselves to be invaluable.

Survey of HR consultancies suggests growth for 2022

A study by the Centre for Economic Performance and reported on the Sky News business pages, finds that over 50% of the businesses questioned said they expect current labour shortages to last well into 2022 and possibly beyond. Of those, 1 in 5 said the skills gap was the overriding factor.

Businesses are calling on the UK government to invest more in training.

Research finds 50% of businesses say labour shortages are set to stay

Glassdoor UK

What are the key workplace trends for next year? 

With the ongoing low unemployment rates in the UK, the power to negotiate rests with employees. Business leaders will need to make their company culture one that people want to be a part of and promises of inclusion, diversity and equity will be expected to become the reality.

Glassdoor identify four key workplace trends for 2022

Microsoft News

Recent research undertaken by Microsoft in conjunction with YouGov suggests over 50% of UK workers who currently practice hybrid working say they would consider looking for alternative employment should this option be removed.

UK workers say they would look to change jobs if hybrid working wasn't an option

O.C. Tanner

For companies which don't have a budget for employee reward schemes, it's still possible to create a culture of appreciation. Write a letter of thanks for a job well done or send a card expressing gratitude - it's worth an investment of your time.

How to write a letter of appreciation

BBC News

For 900 employees of US firm Better their contracts were terminated over a Zoom call from chief executive Vishal Garg.

Both the CIPD and Chartered Management Institute have criticised the manner in which the announcement was made. 

US firm fires 900 employees over Zoom

People Management

A UK survey conducted by Digits Industries Ltd (glo™ learn LMS & eLearning) has reported that of the 1,031 employees asked, 26% of those who were line managers or supervisors had never received formal training to fulfil that management role.

One in four managers have never had management training

November 2021

Management Today


Ever heard of 'threat brain'? Understanding threat brain can help those of us with workaholic tendencies and help businesses to perform well. 

When does threat brain materialise? How can we manage our teams better to avoid threat brain?What can managers do to help individuals overcome threat brain emotions? 

What is threat brain, its causes and how to fix it


Anyone with an interest in social psychology will understand conversation analysis but how can you apply it to business? By taking the view that everyone comes to a conversation or meeting hoping it will be mutually beneficial and approach it as a journey not a means to an end is a great way of changing how you approach those tricky situations.

Workplace Dialogue: Inclusive, Engaging Conversations

Sky News

Atom bank, the online banking service has introduced a four-day work week for its 430 staff without cutting their pay. Working 34 hours per week spread across 4 days, with employees able to take either the Monday or Friday off, their CEO Mark Mullen is positive that the move will improve mental wellbeing and ease staff retention issues caused by the pandemic.

Atom bank offers a 4 day working week to employees


We all know the generic skills leaders need to possess in order to be successful and perhaps most importantly, to motivate their team to drive their respective business forward. Regardless of the sector you work in, developing your emotional intelligence and ensuring you practice what you preach is more important than ever before.

Applying leadership skills across industries

Canada Life

Hats off to employers - in research from Canada Life UK, nearly two-thirds of employees still working from home felt supported by their employer and felt their wellbeing and mental health was of 'genuine interest'.

Nearly two thirds of employees feel supported by their employer while working from home

HR Magazine

There are plenty of reasons why organisations should look to recruit from the veteran and reservist community. Rupert Stevens in HR Magazine puts forward the business case for hiring those with leadership and coaching skills, with experience of assessing risks, building teams and strategic thinking.

Why you should hire veterans and encourage reserve service

October 2021

People Management


Here's the latest job vacancies from the Office for National Statistics. Between July and September, vacancies stood at 1,102,000 (up by 68,000 from the previous quarter). Most of the increase can be attributed to a demand in temporary staff.

Job vacancies reach another record high

HR Magazine

In a recent survey only 4 in 10 employees thought they were being paid what they were worth. Unsurprisingly, 64% of these respondents were in non-management positions. With most industries struggling to survive and operate in unstable times, it's also not surprising that 38% reported that they hadn't been awarded a pay rise in the last 12 months.

Proportion of employees who think they are paid what they're worth

Recruiting Daily

Is your recruitment strategy in place for a post-Covid world? This article explains why it's important that your business strategy includes a review of your talent acquisition policy.

5 strategies to prepare for post covid recruitment

Management Today

What behaviours will managers need to adopt to effectively manage their remote colleagues? How do you effectively set goals, motivate and handle any miscommunication? Mediocre managers or worse may have their work cut out.

Why hybrid working will expose bad managers

Hive HR

A useful guide for considering what to include in a survey to gauge your employee's level of engagement. In these times of hybrid working, we're thinking another major metric which will be included in every future employee engagement survey will be the degree to which organisations offer flexible working.

Measuring employee engagement

September 2021



The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) closed on 30 September. 14 October is the deadline for submitting final claims. Click on the link below to find out what support is available for you and your business.

Find coronavirus financial support for your business

The Guardian

The Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published its consultation document around flexible working. This article in The Guardian looks at the proposals:

UK staff to gain right to request flexible working from day one

Full consultation document here: Making Flexible Working the Default

Employer News

A study by Personio of UK/Ireland HR leaders and employees found that many are struggling with the number of digital tools and apps at their disposal.

Digital tool overload a rising threat to productivity, warns Personio

August 2021



Nike has announced that it's giving staff at its corporate HQ in Oregon a week off to recharge their batteries. Employees are expressing feelings of burnout and the firm has recognised that "taking time for rest and recovery is key to performing well and staying sane."

Nike is giving its head office staff a week's break


What are the real challenges for organisations reacting to the remote working trend? What's the impact in terms of employee engagement strategies, work mobility, technological innovation, diversity and cultural change?

Hybrid working and the more virtual organisation

Business Leader

Much debate recently about whether UK businesses could adopt a four day week. The Reboot website presents the benefits for work life balance and productivity:

Reboot introduce 4-day working week following 702% increase in results

Whilst Business Leader discusses the pros and cons and seeks views from CEOs with this article:

Iceland successfully introduces four-day week: Should the UK be next?


In a recent survey by DASH Rides and Sapio Research, 2,031 respondents were asked about their views on employee benefits. Respondents value employers who offer progressive and accessible schemes.

Employee benefits and perks most valued by UK workers - extras to ask your employer for

Safety & Health Practitioner

In the Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) this week, there's an article on the challenges employers and managers face in reviewing their health and wellbeing policies to accommodate hybrid working.

How managers can shape ‘healthy hybrid’ working

Robert Walters

Research by Robert Walters looks at the benefits and challenges of hybrid working and makes for interesting reading. The study generates thought-provoking statistics for employers and hire managers to digest.

Guide to hybrid working - obstacles and solutions

Impreza IT

How many of us are aware of the IT security risks posed with many of us using our own devices to work from home?This article on the Impreza website explains why we need to be vigilant to protect our personal data.

Email phishing and why your organisation should protect itself


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