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September 2023

Enterprise Nation and The Entrepreneurs Network


A new report 'Access all areas: Older workers' suggests the UK economy can be stimulated by encouraging the over 50s (who left employment in their droves during the pandemic) to return to the fold or start their own business.

Could an economic upturn be driven by older workers?

Manpower Group

The latest Manpower Group Employment Outlook Survey shows there are reasons to be positive.

Survey data extrapolated from employers from 41 countries showed net positive hiring intentions with Outlooks ranging from +11% to 41%. Ongoing talent shortages are proving challenging but employers are looking to older applicants who may be looking to reskill, those that no longer have caretaking responsibilities or have been long-term unemployed.

New data published by the Manpower Group reports net positive hiring intentions

Business Matters Magazine

Work life balance is driving growth in female entrepreneurs according to new research by Small Business Britain and reported in Business Matters magazine. Working around busy lives, balancing childcare whilst still maintaining a foothold on the career ladder, sees more women creating their own opportunities by starting new business ventures.

Growth in female entrepreneurs according to a Small Business Britain study

August 2023

Graduate Recruitment Bureau


It's a popular misconception that graduates hired onto recruitment programmes move to pastures new once their training has been completed. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau explains why organisations should build programmes into their business strategy.

Why investing in a graduate recruitment programme is good for business

HR Magazine

HR Magazine reports on a recent study by HR software provider, CIPHR, which found that 49% of UK employees work out of hours for free each week. Senior managers, remote workers or those who work in the education or legal professions are most likely to undertake unpaid overtime on a regular basis.

Almost half of UK employees undertake unpaid overtime

Facilities Management Journal

According to an Advanced Workplace Associates' survey, UK workers now complete 1.6 days in the office - up from 1.45 days in 2022.

Surprisingly, AWA's survey found that 46% of employers did not have a hybrid policy in place which required employees to come into the office. Of the 25% of companies who did have a policy, they required their teams to be present 3 days in the working week.

UK workers complete 1.6 days in the office

Culture Amp

The concept of 'managing up' is gaining more traction via Gen Z - especially on social media platform Tiktok. Culture Amp discusses its meaning and why managing up is important. Gaining an understanding of what drives the manager; developing effective work relationships for the benefit of the individual and ultimately the organisation.

Managing up and why its important for both the individual and the organisation

The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Zoom joins the growing number of corporations calling their employees back to the office. Where their workforce is located in reasonable proximity to an HQ (50 miles or less) they're being asked to work a minimum of 2 days in the workplace.

Zoom calls employees back to the office - at least on a hybrid basis

July 2023

People Management


CIPD releases figures which highlights the lack of human resources experience of executive or non-executive board members in FTSE 350 companies.

This lack of HR representation arguably impacts on issues such as workplace culture, positive diversity and inclusion programmes, business strategy, productivity and employee engagement.

Human resources expertise poorly represented at board level, CIPD report finds


Raconteur provides useful analysis of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data concerning UK worker absence. It discusses the demographics of sickness absence, the occupations most likely to take the most days off due to sickness, how we compare to other countries and how employers may like to consider a revamp to their absence policies to bring them up to date with current working arrangements.

UK worker sickness absence: analysis and advice for employers


Acas published its 2022-23 Annual Report last week. It reported that there was a 22% increase in the number of collective disputes, with the majority of cases involving pay.

Acas Annual Report 2022-2023

Business Insider

Media channels have recently raised questions about working from home and employee productivity. Still more is being asked about the effectiveness of the four day week and whether this policy enables organisations to operate effectively.

In response, the nine day fortnight is gaining traction and businesses are looking at this as an alternative to the four day week. A recent survey undertaken by recruitment business Hays found that over two-thirds of UK professionals polled favoured this option - rising to 72% in the 20-39 year old age group.

A 9 day fortnight could be the happy medium for employers and employees alike

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit covers the announcements made by Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer around DC pension reform. Some of the UK’s largest defined contribution (DC) pension providers having come to agreement with the government:

Chancellor of the Exchequer announces pension reforms

BBC News

As we approach the busiest period of the UK hospitality season, workforce shortages continue to hit the headlines. According to the Office for National Statistics, vacancies in the hospitality sector are 48% higher than before the pandemic.

Initiatives such as Hospitality Rising UK are extolling the benefits of a career in hospitality to help combat staff shortages.

UK hospitality industry continues to suffer from staff shortages


With HSBC announcing last week its intention to downsize from its current London HQ in Canary Wharf, Reuters looks at how this move represents the global trend of businesses reducing their office capacity in light of the pandemic, economic downturn and the rise of hybrid working.

HSBC announces it is to downsize from its London HQ - Reuters looks at this global trend

People Management

In light of the recent ruling that the RAF unlawfully discriminated against white male recruits (as reported by Sky News), People Management magazine offers advice for businesses to ensure they don't fall foul of UK legislation.

RAF found to have unlawfully discriminated against white male recruits

June 2023



Aviva has published its Working Lives Report 2023: Fit for Future. Ten per cent of employers introduced support for the over 50s last year. Recognising that the majority of employers (76%) deemed this cohort to be important to retain, support programmes on offer included apprenticeships schemes, semi/partial retirement, job sharing and mid-life MOTs.

Employers off support programmes to over 50s to drive employee retention

Women on Boards Report

Data from 1,000 FTSE All-Share and AIM companies shows that executive board composition is still reliant on the traditional skill set of finance, operations and compliance. The study (2023 Hidden Talent Report) conducted by Women on Boards, in partnership with Protiviti, raises questions about the lack of experience diversity in the boardroom.

2023 Hidden Talent Report - diversity of experience at boardroom level is still a work in progress


Should employers include salary details in their job adverts?

According to Reed, pay transparency in recruitment ads protects your business brand and makes candidates more likely to apply.

Why salaries should be included in job advertisements

BBC Worklife

Is hybrid working really that flexible? What should employers pay heed to when testing out a hybrid working model? A recent US survey reports 69% said independence was more desirable than the professional benefits of in-person work. It's therefore important that employers investigate whether they can offer some degree of choice to their employees as to how the in-day schedule may look.

Advice for employers putting together a hybrid working model

People Management

Much has been written about 'Quiet Quitting' and how organisations need to focus on retention and engagement strategies and adopt more flexible management styles.

What happens when employees actually leave their places of employment without any contact or communication? Where does that leave employers? A recent survey finds that 15% of employees had left a job simply by ghosting their employer.

When employees 'ghost' their  employer - advice for organisations

May 2023

HR Magazine


Is the UK facing a wage-price spiral as the Governor of the Bank of England would suggest?

HR magazine seeks advice from UK HR experts as to how HR teams should react.

Wage price spiral - should HR teams be concerned?

The Guardian

Artificial Intelligence - what is its likely impact on our job market?
How will we need to adapt? Which industries could be affected most? How should we modify our skills and learning programmes to work with, rather than against AI?

Writing in the Guardian, Erin Ling, lecturer and assistant professor in AI and the Future of Work at the University of Surrey looks at the potential impact of AI on businesses and employment.

Artificial Intelligence - how can our market economy work alongside it?

ADP Research Institute

Disseminating the data to focus on UK employees, the research suggests around two-thirds were awarded salary increases in the previous 12 months - with the average increase being 4.9%. These figures lag behind most of our European counterparts: France (5.0%), Germany (5.5%), Italy (5.6%), Poland (7.0%) and Switzerland (6.1%).

Around 71% of UK employees expect a salary increase in the next 12 months.

The paper also reports on workplace attitudes around pay disparity, workplace flexibility, company culture, diversity and inclusion and the degree of optimism employees are feeling for the months and years ahead.

ADP Research Institute releases its People at Work 2023: Global Workforce View

HR News

A new UK study seeking responses from 3,000 ‘deskless’ staff reports that employees working in the retail sector feel most recognised by their bosses. Compared to those working in the sectors of hospitality, warehousing and logistics, these individuals are also more likely to recommend a retail career to others.

Quinyx research shows job satisfaction higher in UK retail sector

Business News Daily

Recent research, covered in Business News Daily finds that businesses which operate in an ethical manner are more likely to be successful.

If you and your management team are open, fair, honest, compassionate and act with integrity you're definitely on the right path.

Research shows ethics plays a part in business success

April 2023

Evening Standard


Widely reported today is the data from the Office for National Statistics confirming the number of working days lost to sickness or injury in 2022 (read the ONS release here).

A 25% increase in absence from 2021, records show over 185 million working days were lost last year.

Working days lost to sickness - data released by Office for National Statistics

People Management

People Management magazine reports on a study by Wade Macdonald - 200 HR professionals say more of their time is focused on dealing with employee relation issues than before the pandemic.

Why are ER issues thought to be more prevalent? The survey found that 77% of those questioned said that employees felt more empowered (a greater awareness of mental health and wellbeing was a contributory factor) whilst 32% attributed it to an increase in employee disengagement, potentially as a result of remote working.

Employee relation issues on the rise post-pandemic - study shows

Personnel Today

Personnel Today reports on research undertaken by Towergate Health & Protection finding that most companies struggle to ensure communication around mental health and wellbeing is effective and engaging. Employers should consider that communications are more effective if tailored to specific demographics. The research suggest employers should ask employees what they want, how they want it delivered and crucially, employers should endeavour to make the information appealing to all personality types.

Research uncovers effective methods of communicating wellbeing programmes

Mint Lounge

Effective leaders will practise disciplined downtime and it's backed up by the latest research from the University of Florida (Warrington College of Business), the University of Arizona and Florida State University.

How achieving a work-life balance can make you a more effective leader

BBC Worklife

Hybrid working has taken hot-desking to a whole new level. Whilst the upsides of hybrid working have been spoken about at length, what are the downsides?

One downside is the growth of non-personalised space in the workplace. BBC Worklife looks at the latest research and what office designers can do to mitigate any challenges to productivity and employee contentment.

Hybrid working - impersonalised workspaces and impact on productivity

Safety & Health Practitioner

Fatigue at work; its impact can be wide-reaching. Fatigue is not only going to prolong the time it takes to make decisions or learn new tasks. Fatigue will also affect reaction times, coordination and how you evaluate risk.

This article by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)'s Karen McDonnell looks at the latest safety statistics and explains why fatigue in the workplace shouldn't go unaddressed.

Latest safety figures looks at the impact of fatigue in the workplace

March 2023

The Guardian


A joint report by the Trades Union Congress and charity, Long Covid Support finds that two-thirds of employees suffering from ongoing issues associated with long-Covid had received negative treatment from their employers.

The report is calling on the government to assign long-Covid occupational disease status. The government says the Equality Act 2010 makes provision for illnesses such as long-Covid, should the condition affect an individual's ability to carry out normal activities.

The TUC and Long Covid Support publish report findings

People Management

The Spring Budget 2023 - the key takeaways for employers from the Chancellor's announcements today have been compiled by People Management magazine.

With input from HR and legal experts at WorkNest, BrightHR, Hill Dickinson LLP, Group Risk Development (GRiD) and Demos, the article outlines the impact on business owners and their employees.

Key takeaways from the UK Spring Budget 2023

Safety & Health Practitioner

A survey of 500 companies by Towergate Health and Protection finds that 42% of UK employers are planning to increase their headcount in the coming year. The healthcare industry is looking at the biggest recruitment drive, with 63% of the companies surveyed saying they will be increasing their numbers.

Competition will fierce - remuneration and benefits packages will need to reflect the demands for flexibility and the focus on health and wellbeing.

42% of UK companies looking to add to headcount over next year

The Independent

With the Construction Skills Network report estimating that there could be a potential labour shortage in the region of 225,000 UK construction workers by 2027, this announcement by Travis Perkins is seen as a positive move for the construction industry.

Travis Perkins announces large investment in apprenticeship scheme

Reward Strategy

Nearly three quarters of employers who responded to a survey said there was little or no training for managers fulfilling redundancy measures. That's according to WorkNest, who surveyed 277 employers. Reward Strategy reports on the data.

Reward Strategy disassembles the data from WorkNest's survey on redundancy training for managers

February 2023

HR Grapevine


A recent survey by Westfield Health found that 59% of the employees questioned said their mental health was the reason why they were looking for a new job.

If chronic workplace stress correlates to employee turnover, what strategies can employers put in place to support employee's mental health? With a wellbeing programme in place (and importantly, this should be right at the start of the employee's tenure in the organisation), HR professionals can help avoid burnout and high turnover.

Wellbeing programmes - start from the onboarding stage to prevent burnout

Relocate Global

Relocate Global reports on the continuing UK skills shortage, with APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies) joining with CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and British Chambers of Commerce, calling on the government to invest in an effective skills and resources strategy.

In addition to stressing the need for new visa routes and supporting businesses to upskill and re-skill employees, APSCo says reform of existing systems is required to drive overseas recruitment.

Recruiters are calling for visa reforms to address UK skills shortage

Sky News

Following the 4 day working week trial, coordinated by University of Cambridge and Boston College, many of the UK firms which took part in the trial are looking to permanently adopt a 4-day week.

With a reduction in staff sickness and an improvement in mental health, Sky News reports on the positive outcomes from the 6 month pilot involving 2,900 employees.

Major study on 4 day working practice hailed a success

HR News

HR News reports on the latest job-hunting figures. January's statistics show that 88,968 people were searching for new roles which offered flexibility, compared to December's 29,796.

Those looking to work from home across the entire week rose by 85% in January. The figures also show that employers continue to favour a remote-first option (where some, but not all working is carried out remotely).

Demand for flexible roles continues to rise

British Chambers of Commerce

A survey of more than 5,600 UK businesses show that current recruitment pressures are the highest on record. The data, collected for Q4 of 2022 by the British Chambers of Commerce, showed that 82% of firms were experiencing recruiting difficulties - up from 76% in the previous quarter.

Data shows the extent to which businesses are experiencing recruitment pressures 

Institute for Fiscal Studies

The Institute For Fiscal Studies's article looks at the UK's labour market; the effects of the pandemic and how the current recession will impact on jobs and opportunities in the years to come.

UK labour market - predictions from the IFS make for tough reading

January 2023

Employer News


Employer News reports on the latest research by 3R Strategy. They surveyed 500 UK businesses to find out whether they published their pay ranges. The survey also looked at salary budgets and performance assessment.

To what extent are UK businesses prepared to be transparent over pay?

Staffing Industry Analysts

How robust is the UK's job market? Typically January is a busy month for job seekers - when people tend to reassess their current role or position. Does the data suggest there are reasons to be optimistic?

According to statistics generated by Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and Lightcast’s latest Labour Market Tracker, there were 184,335 job advertisements posted in the first week of 2023.

UK job advertisements up by 24.5% in first week of January compared to same 
time last year

Personnel Today

A number of employment law changes are likely to come into effect this year. Whilst the timeframes for these changes have not been confirmed, Personnel Today gives us a run down of the revisions we should be on top of.

Changes to UK Employment Law likely to come into effect in 2023

The HR Director

Research undertaken by Group Risk Development and reported by The HR Director, looks at the variations in data collected by organisations related to employee absence due to sickness. The article discusses the extent to which effective records can help companies implement intervention measures and provide the necessary support to employees returning to work after an absence due to sickness.

Variations in sickness data recorded - and the benefit of an effective system

HR Grapevine

HR Grapevine looks at Gartner’s HR predictions for 2023 and what the main challenges will be. From tackling frontline worker flexibility needs to investing in the development of managerial skills, hiring non-traditional candidates and dealing with Gen-Z’s lack of ‘soft skills’ - this article covers a wide range of issues facing HR teams this year. 

 Underpinning it all is the requirement on organisations to embrace diversity, equity and inclusivity.

 Gartner predicts the biggest challenges for HR this year

Sky News

Sky News reports on the profit warnings from two of the largest recruitment organisations - Robert Walters and PageGroup. Both reported challenging conditions in the last quarter of 2022; seen as an indication that the current economic situation is having a negative impact on the job market.

Recruitment companies report on challenging quarter 

HR Magazine

Data from the Office for National Statistics suggests only 1 in 5 neurodivergent people are in employment.

An article in HR Magazine discusses the wealth of talent and skills employers are missing out on - and the potential loss in creative and innovative thinking.

Under-utilisation of neurodivergent people in business

BBC News

Data from PLACEMAKE.IO and Visitor Insights confirms what we've probably already known - the 'new' office working week is Tuesday to Thursday.

Reported on BBC News, analysis of mobile phone data use from over 500 UK high streets between 2019 and 2022 gives us an insight into human behaviour and the extent to which employees are working from home.

There's every indication to suggest patterns of office working are unlikely to return to pre-Covid times.

Data suggests UK workers are office-based Tuesday to Thursday

December 2022

Employee Benefits


Looking ahead to 2023, can we predict the top reward trends?

Employee Benefits gives their view. HR teams will need to keep abreast of these trends to keep their organisations competitive.

Top reward trends predicted for 2023

People Management

Unforeseen costs due to a cancer diagnosis can cause many to re-evaluate their current employment. With the right support from their employer, these additional worries can be lessened while employees focus on their treatment and recovery.

 According to research by Zurich Insurance 78% of those surveyed said they incurred additional costs, an average of £541 per month.

Cancer diagnosis means hidden costs for employees

Leeds University Business School

Research by Leeds University Business School suggests almost 75% of employees would like some degree of training for the hybrid working they now undertake.

From establishing 'rules of engagement', to ensuring everyone feels included in virtual meetings, this research should highlight to employers  what gaps in training need to be addressed.

Mind the gap: hybrid workers ask for more training

The Guardian

The UK government has proposed changes to legislation which will enable staff in the UK to request flexible working arrangements from the moment they start a new job.

The Guardian reports on proposals for changes to flexible working in the UK

November 2022

4 Day Week Global

4 Day Week - Global reports on the success of the 6 month pilot involving over 1,000 employees across 30 companies. With research citing benefits including lower staff turnover, less absenteeism and increased revenue, none of the companies involved in the study are planning to return to a traditional 5-day working week.

Research shows the benefits of a 4 day working week

Employee Benefits

Research by Just Eat for Business suggests 47% of UK businesses are planning to reward employees with year-end bonuses this December.

Employee Benefits also reports that companies are keen to make celebrations inclusive. With more employees working remotely, more thought needs to be given to ensure everyone feels appreciated.

UK businesses build Christmas bonuses into budgets

Sky News

The demand for a skillset which includes Artificial Intelligence and developing technologies is set to grow by 40% over the next 5 years, according to research by Capital Economics, commissioned by Amazon. Sky News reports on this research and the top 10 future jobs - from paramedic drone programmer to metaverse architect.

Demand for skills in AI and developing technologies set to grow by 40%

HR News

HR News reports on suicide rates and report that it's highest amongst men aged between 45 and 64.

The global Movember campaign aims not just to raise awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer, but also highlight men's mental health and wellbeing. Employers, people managers and peers could really make a difference and get those struggling with mental health issues the support they need just by asking a few simple questions.

Identify the warning signs that a work colleague may not be coping

October 2022



A recent survey by CIPD and HiBob suggests 55% of employers support the use of software monitoring tools to identify concerns about performance, wellbeing and potential burnout in their homeworking employees.

Survey finds a majority of employers support monitoring of homeworkers

Bupa UK

Tuesday 18 October is World Menopause Day. According to The British Menopause Society, menopausal symptoms affect 3 out of 4 women. Of those, 25% report experiencing severe symptoms. How can employers support their team members (a recent CIPD survey reports that 25% of women feel unsupported by their employers)? Bupa UK has a business toolkit to help create a more supportive working environment.

The menopause and its impact on business: Toolkit to help employers

BBC News

BBC News reports on a study in the US concerning shift workers and their health. Pam Rajendran Taub, MD FACC and her colleagues at University of California, San Diego - School of Medicine established that by limiting the 'window' of eating to a set pattern of around 10 hours, there was a positive outcome on blood pressure levels, blood sugar and cholesterol.

Shift workers can gain health benefits by adopting eating patterns within a set 'window'


Gartner surveyed over 800 HR professionals and has identified the top 5 trends and priorities for 2023. Leader and manager effectiveness is the number one priority, but many HR leaders will also be focused on change management, the employee experience, recruitment and the future of work.

Gartner identifies the top 5 priorities for HR professionals going into 2023

September 2022

Reuters UK


It's been reported over the last week or so, that long-term sickness rates for UK workers are currently at their highest rate since before the pandemic - in fact, we’re talking since 2005. According to the Office for National Statistics, 2.464 million have reported that they are unfit to work, accounting for 5.9% of the working-age population.

UK worker long-term sickness rates are the highest since 2005

Personnel Checks

The temporary Right To Work checks will be replaced by digital identity verification (IDV) options from October 1st. The government had extended the temporary rules to this date to give businesses a chance to engage with digital identity service providers (IDSPs). In-person Right To Work checks will still be an option. Any business recruiting individuals remotely will need to engage with a digital IDSP and ask their candidates to create a digital ID.

RTW checks will be replaced by digital identity verification (IDV) options from October 1st

People Management

Latest research by Aviva, suggests workers favour a work-life balance over salary. Over 2,000 employees took part in the research conducted in May. 

Around 41% favoured their current role on the basis it gave them more flexibility, compared to 36% of respondents who favoured the financial benefits. Compare these stats with data collected by Aviva in 2019 where just over 41% of employees said salary was the most important factor and work-life balance came second at just under 41%.

Aviva research suggests workers favour a work-life balance over salary

August 2022

Advanced Workplace Associates


Hybrid working patterns - data from Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) shows how global workplace culture has changed since the pandemic.
UK data comes from 21 organisations and 43 offices, equating to a sample size of 49,903 employees.

Over the course of working week, attendance in the office is:
19% on Mondays, 31% on Tuesdays, 32% on Wednesdays, 33% on Thursdays and 13% on Fridays.

Workplace data show attendance patterns in UK, USA and Latin America

BBC News

The increase in UK's over-50s leaving the job market is contributing to rising inflation. That's according to John Lewis & Partners' Chair, Dame Sharon White.

Could flexible retirement plans and reskilling be the answer?

John Lewis' chair, Dame Sharon White says the mass exodus of the 50s is driving inflation

HR News

Data from business performance consultancy Ayming and reported in HR News shows that just 8% of businesses have awarded inflation-matching pay rises to all their employees.

The report also shows that just under half of the businesses polled had not introduced flexible working practices

Ayming UK's report shows businesses are failing to keep pay rises in line with inflation

July 2022

Just Eat for Business


Just Eat for Business has released its Annual Leave Allowance survey with interesting data to unravel. Some 60% of office workers feel they're being actively discouraged from taking their annual leave.

It's clear employers must recognise the benefit of taking annual leave to avoid employee burnout and stress.

Survey finds employers are not doing enough to encourage employees to take annual leave


Economist Impact has identified 4 hybrid worker types - Evangelists, Pragmatists, Fair-Minded and Undecided. A Forbes' article looks at these classifications in more detail and discusses what this means for management styles.

How employers can support hybrid workers by adapting different management styles

People Management

New legislation has been brought in by the UK Government to enable additional healthcare professionals to certify fit notes. From 1st July, in addition to GPs, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists and physiotherapists may also issue fit notes for workers who have been off sick for 7 days or more.

What is the impact on HR professionals? People Management investigates the pros and cons and what employers need to consider under the new policy.

New fitnote legislation and the impact on employers

Employee Benefits

Reported in Employee Benefits, a survey by Breakroom identified the top UK businesses as rated by parents. From a starting point of 230,000 respondents, the survey asked employees working in organisations with 100 parents or more whether their employer was good for caring and if their job was enjoyable.

Breakroom survey finds Aldi, Amazon and Royal Mail in top 3 as rated by parents

June 2022


Pluralsight's 'State of Upskilling 2022', reported in ZDNet provides us with interesting data. Of the 7,000 technologists surveyed, 40% say the main reason for looking for a new position is a lack of professional development in their current role. And yet almost 90% said they wanted to develop their digital skills.

Since the areas of cybersecurity and cloud computing are where the skills gap is being felt the most, businesses must address the issue in order to keep up with the 'new normal' of remote working where this knowledge is in demand.

Upskilling could be the answer to the global digital skills gap


Data from Google would suggest City office worker levels are between 60-70% of pre-Omicron levels, writes Bloomberg News. With a survey by the Policy Institute at King's College London reporting that 80% of London workers favoured working from home at least 1 day a week, then these levels are unlikely to change.

City office worker numbers still not at pre-Omicron levels

Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive has updated its advice for employers concerning pregnant workers and new mothers and their protection in the workplace. Employers must also carry out an individual risk assessment that covers a worker’s specific needs when they inform you in writing that they are pregnant, have given birth in the last 6 months, or are breastfeeding.

The update has been reported on the TUC website:

The HSE has updated guidance on risk assessments for pregnant workers and new mothers

May 2022

Sky News

Reported by Sky News, data from the Office for National Statistics suggests at least 8 in 10 people who worked from home during the pandemic will adopt a hybrid working routine in the future.

8 in 10 people want to continue working from home

Employee Benefits

Tesco has announced the launch of a menopause guide to provide support to its workforce and signpost other sources of support. The guide also provides assistance to managers and team leaders to enable them to support their team.

Tesco employs over 150,000 female employees. In the UK around 1.6 million of those employed in the retail market are women so it's encouraging to see the retail industry is leading the way in creating positive environments to provide support to those going through the menopause.

Tesco launches new guide for managing menopause in the workplace

Small Business

Regardless of company size, it makes business sense to have an HR policy in place. This guide in SmallBusiness.co.uk runs through what you need to include to ensure you are covering the basics.

Even if you're just thinking of employing 1 or 2 people every business should have a written policy in place.

The fundamental elements to include in an HR policy

People Management

Employers are being urged to do more to support employees suffering with long Covid.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that 2.8% of the population is suffering with symptoms of long Covid and around 1.2 million say it's affecting their ability to carry out daily tasks.

Women are more likely to experience long Covid, as are those in the 39-45 age bracket or who live in deprived areas. Those who work in sectors such as social care, healthcare and education are also more likely to continue to experience symptoms of Covid, such as fatigue and shortness of breath.

1.2 million employees suffering from symptoms of long Covid

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits reports on the news that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) will be enabling employees to down tools from lunchtime on Fridays between June and August. That's in response to a successful pilot last year and positive feedback from 90% of their workforce.

PWC to reintroduce summer hours for 2022 following pilot last year

April 2022

People Management

The CIPD has released its report: An update on flexible and hybrid working practices.  

Key findings (reported by People Management magazine) from data collected in October and November last year from 1,196 employers and employees, showed 41% felt productivity had increased due to new working practices. That's up from 33% of respondees last year.

Those reporting a negative impact on productivity as a result of flexible working had dropped from 23% to 18%.

CIPD has released its report: An update on flexible and hybrid working practices

Personnel Today

Reported in Personnel Today, a study by XpertHR indicates that two-thirds of organisations don't collect salient information about recruitment costs, time to fill vacancy data and time to competence. Areas that will clearly impact on business operations.

These areas need just as much focus as staff absence, employee turnover, exit interview info, performance appraisals and employee engagement data. It's also important to benchmark your HR performance against other organisations - especially when competition for top talent is so fierce.

Two-thirds of organisations neglect to collect data on recruitment

Relocate Magazine

In March, the UK government announced changes to immigration rules and between now and August those changes are being phased in.

  • How are the new visa categories designed to stimulate business growth and attract talent?
  • What's the difference between the High Potential Individual and Scale-up visas?
  • Which business sectors will benefit the most?

Changes to the UK's immigration rules aim to promote business growth

The HR Director

A recent Ipsos UK survey finds that 60% of UK adults want to see more restrictions to contact outside their contracted hours.

Reported in The HR Director, a survey by Wellbeing Partners says employers aren't doing enough to support employees. Burnout comes from working outside contracted hours and everyone needs to be regularly encouraged to disconnect in order to protect their mental wellbeing.

According to recent surveys, more needs to be done to discourage contact outside contracted hours


The CIPD has released its 22nd Health and Wellbeing at Work report. HR leaders face challenging times; the skills shortage, staff retention, increasing costs, the long term impact of COVID, remote working management. It's no surprise to learn then, that implementing wellbeing practices at work has taken a slight 'hit' in the past year and emphasis on mental health has waned.

CIPD Report - Health and Wellbeing at Work 2022

The Guardian

The push for companies to adopt a shorter working week is gaining momentum. Here, the Guardian reports on 3,000 workers at 60 companies across Britain who will trial a four-day working week.

Workers at 60 British companies to trial a 4 day week

March 2022


If you 50 or over, you're classified as an 'older worker'. According to Office for National Statistics data, older workers make up around a third of the UK workforce. This month, CIPD released its report 'Understanding older workers: analysis and recommendations to support longer and more fulfilling working lives' - a must read for employers.

CIPD Report - Understanding older workers

Personnel Today

Personnel Today reports on the launch of Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) - promoting and extolling the benefits of embracing a neurodiverse workforce.
Founder members include Accenture, AstraZeneca, Bank of England, Capita, Network Rail, Sky and Unilever.

Neurodiversity in Business forum launched in the UK 


As we continue to follow the shocking invasion of Ukraine, there is an increasing sense that we need to offer help on a practical level to aid employees who may be directly affected by the conflict. The CIPD has published advice for employers - concerning immigration protocols and what can be done to help Ukraine based families of employees.

CIPD advice for employers

HR Magazine

Location Pay: With hybrid/flexible working here to stay it certainly raises an interesting debate about whether location allowances continue to be relevant. Certainly less applicable - but at what cost to employers who don't continue to offer it as an incentive and a means to attract talent?

Location allowances - still applicable in a hybrid world?

February 2022

Personnel Today


From 6 April 2022, Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT) will be introduced to support employers carrying out right to work and pre-employment DBS checks.

More importantly, for those companies which have adopted the temporary adjusted pre-employment checks during the pandemic, the date for scrapping temporary measures has been extended to 30 September 2022. Video based checks and scanned rather than original documents will be accepted for validating purposes.

Temporary adjusted pre-employment checks remain in operation until 30 September 2022

The Guardian

Reported in The Guardian, Belgium is following a similar suit to Iceland and giving employees the right to request a four day week, thereby enjoying a 3 day weekend without a loss of income.

Belgium's prime minister Alexander De Croo believes the new regulations will stimulate the Belgian economy, create a more 'dynamic and productive economy' and encourage more people into work.

Belgium to introduce 4 day working week

British Chamber of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce has joined forces with Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to highlight the benefits of apprenticeships. It's not just about the opportunities these schemes offer individuals but the benefits to be had by employers too. More employers than ever are offering schemes or expanding on existing programmes - and companies of any size are encouraged to get involved.

National Apprenticeship Week

The Guardian

With the National Insurance hike planned for implementation in April, employers and employees will both feel the pinch. But that's just one side of the story; the combination of rising energy and raw material costs and inflation is causing a great number of UK companies, large and small to reassess their current business plans even without April's looming NI rise.

The impact of the cost of living crisis on 5 business owners

January 2022

Sky News


An article published on the Sky News website, delves into the data to assess which jobs (if any) have seen wage increases from early 2020 i.e. pre-pandemic to November 2021. Which workers have the lowest spending power? Which industries have been the most affected? 

Unsurprisingly, job sectors experiencing high demand right now have seen the largest increases in real wages.

Cost of living crisis: which jobs have been hit hardest by the pandemic?


What are the 4 key character traits that successful CEOs must possess?

This article, reported on the Influencive website suggests it's resilience, decisiveness, emotional intelligence and reliability.

4 leadership traits required by successful CEOs

HR News

Great leaders need to adapt to change in a complex world.

This Leading Edge article on HR News discusses the strategies business leaders should put in place to achieve 'connected hybrid working' and looks at how to achieve maximum productivity whilst keeping everyone connected and engaged.

Employ 'connected hybrid working' strategies to sustain business growth

BBC News

IKEA announces its move to cut sick pay for those employees who are self-isolating and are not vaccinated. The retail giant's statement confirms that Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) only could be paid to unvaccinated staff. This BBC News article also discusses what other companies are doing to try and reduce staff absence due to Covid and self isolation regulations.

IKEA announces move to cut sick pay for unjabbed staff who are required to self-isolate

HR Magazine

A survey of 161 independent HR consultancies by HR Independents, covered in HR magazine demonstrates a certain degree of optimism for 2022. 

The profile of Human Resources has never looked stronger; the services and support a great team can provide to a business in these times of uncertainty have shown themselves to be invaluable.

Survey of HR consultancies suggests growth for 2022

December 2021

People Management

Calling on HR experts from the fields of business, law and public policy, this article on the People Management magazine looks at what we've learnt about hybrid working during 2021 and how this knowledge can help us continue to improve in 2022.

Looking ahead to 2022 - what have we learnt about hybrid working?

Financial Times

Reported in the FT, analysis from consultancy Lane Clark & Peacock suggests life expectancy rates have not increased as expected - thereby negating the government's plans to raise state pension age to 67 by 2028 and 68 by 2039.

A proposed move to increase state pension age to 67 should not come into force until 2051

Sky News

A study by the Centre for Economic Performance and reported on the Sky News business pages, finds that over 50% of the businesses questioned said they expect current labour shortages to last well into 2022 and possibly beyond. Of those, 1 in 5 said the skills gap was the overriding factor.

Businesses are calling on the UK government to invest more in training.

Research finds 50% of businesses say labour shortages are set to stay

Glassdoor UK

What are the key workplace trends for next year? 

With the ongoing low unemployment rates in the UK, the power to negotiate rests with employees. Business leaders will need to make their company culture one that people want to be a part of and promises of inclusion, diversity and equity will be expected to become the reality.

Glassdoor identify four key workplace trends for 2022

Microsoft News

Recent research undertaken by Microsoft in conjunction with YouGov suggests over 50% of UK workers who currently practice hybrid working say they would consider looking for alternative employment should this option be removed.

UK workers say they would look to change jobs if hybrid working wasn't an option

O.C. Tanner

For companies which don't have a budget for employee reward schemes, it's still possible to create a culture of appreciation. Write a letter of thanks for a job well done or send a card expressing gratitude - it's worth an investment of your time.

How to write a letter of appreciation

BBC News

For 900 employees of US firm Better their contracts were terminated over a Zoom call from chief executive Vishal Garg.

Both the CIPD and Chartered Management Institute have criticised the manner in which the announcement was made. 

US firm fires 900 employees over Zoom

People Management

A UK survey conducted by Digits Industries Ltd has reported that of the 1,031 employees asked, 26% of those who were line managers or supervisors had never received formal training to fulfil that management role.

One in four managers have never had management training

November 2021

Management Today


Ever heard of 'threat brain'? Understanding threat brain can help those of us with workaholic tendencies and help businesses to perform well. 

When does threat brain materialise? How can we manage our teams better to avoid threat brain?What can managers do to help individuals overcome threat brain emotions? 

What is threat brain, its causes and how to fix it


Anyone with an interest in social psychology will understand conversation analysis but how can you apply it to business? By taking the view that everyone comes to a conversation or meeting hoping it will be mutually beneficial and approach it as a journey not a means to an end is a great way of changing how you approach those tricky situations.

Workplace Dialogue: Inclusive, Engaging Conversations

Sky News

Atom bank, the online banking service has introduced a four-day work week for its 430 staff without cutting their pay. Working 34 hours per week spread across 4 days, with employees able to take either the Monday or Friday off, their CEO Mark Mullen is positive that the move will improve mental wellbeing and ease staff retention issues caused by the pandemic.

Atom bank offers a 4 day working week to employees


We all know the generic skills leaders need to possess in order to be successful and perhaps most importantly, to motivate their team to drive their respective business forward. Regardless of the sector you work in, developing your emotional intelligence and ensuring you practice what you preach is more important than ever before.

Applying leadership skills across industries

Canada Life

Hats off to employers - in research from Canada Life UK, nearly two-thirds of employees still working from home felt supported by their employer and felt their wellbeing and mental health was of 'genuine interest'.

Nearly two thirds of employees feel supported by their employer while working from home

HR Magazine

There are plenty of reasons why organisations should look to recruit from the veteran and reservist community. Rupert Stevens in HR Magazine puts forward the business case for hiring those with leadership and coaching skills, with experience of assessing risks, building teams and strategic thinking.

Why you should hire veterans and encourage reserve service

October 2021

People Management

Here's the latest job vacancies from the Office for National Statistics. Between July and September, vacancies stood at 1,102,000 (up by 68,000 from the previous quarter). Most of the increase can be attributed to a demand in temporary staff.

Job vacancies reach another record high

HR Magazine

In a recent survey only 4 in 10 employees thought they were being paid what they were worth. Unsurprisingly, 64% of these respondents were in non-management positions. With most industries struggling to survive and operate in unstable times, it's also not surprising that 38% reported that they hadn't been awarded a pay rise in the last 12 months.

Proportion of employees who think they are paid what they're worth

Recruiting Daily

Is your recruitment strategy in place for a post-Covid world? This article explains why it's important that your business strategy includes a review of your talent acquisition policy.

5 strategies to prepare for post covid recruitment

Management Today

What behaviours will managers need to adopt to effectively manage their remote colleagues? How do you effectively set goals, motivate and handle any miscommunication? Mediocre managers or worse may have their work cut out.

Why hybrid working will expose bad managers

Hive HR

A useful guide for considering what to include in a survey to gauge your employee's level of engagement. In these times of hybrid working, we're thinking another major metric which will be included in every future employee engagement survey will be the degree to which organisations offer flexible working.

Measuring employee engagement

September 2021



The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) closed on 30 September. 14 October is the deadline for submitting final claims. Click on the link below to find out what support is available for you and your business.

Find coronavirus financial support for your business

The Guardian

The Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has published its consultation document around flexible working. This article in The Guardian looks at the proposals:

UK staff to gain right to request flexible working from day one

Full consultation document here: Making Flexible Working the Default

Employer News

A study by Personio of UK/Ireland HR leaders and employees found that many are struggling with the number of digital tools and apps at their disposal.

Digital tool overload a rising threat to productivity, warns Personio

August 2021



Nike has announced that it's giving staff at its corporate HQ in Oregon a week off to recharge their batteries. Employees are expressing feelings of burnout and the firm has recognised that "taking time for rest and recovery is key to performing well and staying sane."

Nike is giving its head office staff a week's break


What are the real challenges for organisations reacting to the remote working trend? What's the impact in terms of employee engagement strategies, work mobility, technological innovation, diversity and cultural change?

Hybrid working and the more virtual organisation

Business Leader

Much debate recently about whether UK businesses could adopt a four day week. The Reboot website presents the benefits for work life balance and productivity:

Reboot introduce 4-day working week following 702% increase in results

Whilst Business Leader discusses the pros and cons and seeks views from CEOs with this article:

Iceland successfully introduces four-day week: Should the UK be next?


In a recent survey by DASH Rides and Sapio Research, 2,031 respondents were asked about their views on employee benefits. Respondents value employers who offer progressive and accessible schemes.

Employee benefits and perks most valued by UK workers - extras to ask your employer for

Safety & Health Practitioner

In the Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) this week, there's an article on the challenges employers and managers face in reviewing their health and wellbeing policies to accommodate hybrid working.

How managers can shape ‘healthy hybrid’ working

Robert Walters

Research by Robert Walters looks at the benefits and challenges of hybrid working and makes for interesting reading. The study generates thought-provoking statistics for employers and hire managers to digest.

Guide to hybrid working - obstacles and solutions

Impreza IT

How many of us are aware of the IT security risks posed with many of us using our own devices to work from home? This article on the Impreza website explains why we need to be vigilant to protect our personal data.

Email phishing and why your organisation should protect itself


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