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Finding and keeping the right candidate for any role can be challenging for many organisations. Getting it right first time around is equally an issue and if you get it wrong, can disrupt the functioning team already in situ.

Selection to succession

We are licensed practitioners in the UK, Middle East and Africa for the Drake P3® assessment tool. This psychometrically-based system provides key insight into an individual’s behavioural and motivational traits and helps identify what makes them successful in their job. 

As we all know, the best predictor of future job performance is a person’s past behaviour in similar work situations and Drake P3® provides the necessary intelligence to aid decision-making.

Provided in an easy-to-understand reporting format, this tool will benefit any organisational environment. It’s an invaluable addition to your HR function whether that’s hiring candidates, managing performance appraisals or running team building exercises.

Here's how psychometric profiling can assist businesses achieve their goals:

  • Improve quality of hires and reduce time spent on selection process
  • Reduce turnover and lower employee acquisition costs
  • Increase productivity  through effective communication and team work
  • Develop a motivated and engaged workforce through directed training
  • Deliver effective performance appraisals, coaching, and 360-degree feedback
  • Reduce conflict amongst team members 
  • Create succession planning support through identifying strengths and weaknesses of current staff 
  • Build high performing, effective teams.

If you would like to know more about psychometric profiling and how Drake P3® can help your organisation, contact us for more information.


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