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Building the right strategy

With first class service, advice, and support throughout the whole processes we will work with you in designing and recommending the most suitable structure and providers for a benefits package which meets yours and, importantly, your employees’ needs. 

We would also be able to assist the implementation and communication of any benefit structures along with the provision of ongoing advice and support.

We achieve this with our 4 phased approach:

  • Phase 1 – Strategy and Design 
  • Phase 2 – Provider Selection 
  • Phase 3 – Communication and Implementation
  • Phase 4 - Ongoing Administration and Support

The advantages

A well devised benefits strategy brings many advantages. We firmly believe that the key to success is to ensure that the communication is effective and the technical delivery of any benefit scheme runs smoothly. Without getting both correct, we believe that the value of any new arrangement will be unfulfilled.

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Engagement is key

In many instances, the resources have not been available to perform this role. We find that staff have little or no idea about their financial situation nor their employment package (other than the salary). Our method of communication help employees gain a better appreciation of their benefits in conjunction with pensions.

We tailor the presentation to your audience: punchy and fun to younger groups, sedate to the more distinguished! 


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