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Flexible market-based grading structures

Grading structures will enable your business to underpin its culture and ethos. Many organisations, due to legacy reasons, operate with structures that have a large proportion of their workforce ‘maxed out’ at the top of their grades. Such legacy issues results in a lack of flexibility: unable to react to the market and little opportunity to provide genuine progression to top performers. We can help move you to a more flexible grading structure model that eradicates both issues.

Which model would work best for you?

The answers to these questions will enable us to determine the best options of you.

  • What are you looking to do?
  • What are your burning issues?
  • Are you trying to drive a modernisation process?

Working within Equality Bill equal pay legislation and drawing from our significant experience in the field, we will model and cost flexible and sustainable structures.

Salary benchmarking

We offer two benchmarking services. If you’re seeking a quick indication of where the more common roles in your organisation sit against the market, we produce annual sector specific salary benchmark salaries (with our partner, Turning Point HR). 

Alternatively, we offer a bespoke benchmarking service for those wanting a more tailored approach concerning key roles.


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