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The background and history of Q&A People Matter

Having worked for large corporate consultancies offering HR, Compensation and Benefits and legal services to blue chip clients, it became apparent that there was a real need to be able to offer similar, yet affordable, services to  the UK and International SME Market.

You do not have to have thousands of employees to be able to have best practice and offer employees benefits and a career path! 

Furthermore, you do not have to be a large corporate consultancy to be able to offer this service. Quite often, when you engage with a large multi-national consultancy, you have no say in the global team, you are allocated with the “boots on the ground” which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the “best in class”.

In 2002 the seeds were sown to be able to continue the journey in sourcing the “best in class” partners.  In 2004 Quin~essence Limited was formed to ensure we could offer, which we proudly do, a 360° solution for UK and international clients challenged with recruiting, retaining and developing the very best people for their business. 

The Company was strengthened further in 2010 with the forging of an alliance with Ablestoke Limited and our brand Q&A People Matter was launched.

Our business philosophy was to be flexible, forward thinking and creative but underpinning this was we had to make a difference!  The foundations which we are built upon.

Our Executive Team are just the tip of the iceberg in demonstrating our wealth of knowledge and expertise. We have an international team of consultants, advisers and administrators supporting us and delivering our best in class services and making that difference!

Nikki Ferguson
Group CEO


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