• Human Resource

    Q&A People Matter can act both as an in-sourced service provider, on-site with a client as often as necessary, or on an ad hoc or project basis.

    We can help you with all HR requirements: compliance, contracts, learning and development, organisational structure and strategy.

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  • Auto-Enrolment

    Millions of people are not saving enough to have the income they are likely to want in retirement, and whilst life expectancy in the UK is increasing, people are saving less into pensions.

    A fundamental change to the way that the majority of people save for retirement is on it’s way.

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  • Employee Benefits

    We have a wealth of experience in the employee benefits arena offering best advice & support in the UK and abroad.

    Services are structured on a modular basis allowing selection of elements required, either regular or ad hoc basis.

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  • Financial Education

    Financial education helps employees to understand the value of benefits such as pensions, insurances and share schemes.

    Staff are often more comfortable with an impartial adviser on areas of their personal financial situation and Benefits at work.

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  • Payroll Services

    Q&A People Matter provides an on-line payroll system and full bureaux, including the following:

    Monthly data inputting, Employee payments, online payslips, Statutory Payment, Third Party Payments, End of year statutory reporting, Automatic updates and upgrades.

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  • Global Services

    An expat is often a square peg in a round hole. Remuneration is different from the norm, the pension has to be specifically planned, healthcare is a big issue, and insurance for death, disability and for personal property becomes a problem.

    There can be complicated tax and legal issues too.

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  • Know your Auto-enrolment ‘Staging Date’?

    There are fines if your business misses it. Our advice? – Don’t!

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