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Benefit harmonisation

Bring everything together

Your business may have a variety of benefit rules and providers in place: perhaps as a result of mergers and acquisitions, evolutionary changes to benefit arrangements or as a result of complicated grading and reward structures. Amalgamating these elements will:

  • Consolidate provisions under more straightforward rules.
  • Improve the value of the benefits to your employees without impacting your costs.
  • Reduce your costs by grouping employees together under a single insurance scheme.
  • Reduce your benefit administration.
  • Simplify and improve reward communication.
  • Harmonisation can be fraught with difficulty and excellent communication is crucial. Your employees need assurance - let them know they’re being looked after and educate them on the positive outcomes.

We will handle all of this for you. Once a strategy of harmonisation has been agreed, we will conduct meetings with every employee and support them throughout the process.

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