Human Resource

Audit & Business Readiness

We will Gauge and review a client’s current HR practice in order to:
      • Assess adherence to legislation and good governance
      • Provide a plan of action for necessary improvements
We can perform a thorough review of existing HR documentation, such as:
      • Company Handbook
      • Contracts of employment
      • Job descriptions etc
From this, we will compile:
      • An action list of updates and amendments
      • A recommendation of additional policies and procedures required to maintain compliance and best practice


We can provide advice and guidance on:
    • Managing discipline and grievance proceedings
    • Capability and absence management policies
    • Developing and implementing training and development strategies
    • Developing and implementing performance-related reward strategies.

Also we provide:
    • Ad hoc HR advice provided on a query-led basis.
    • Regular updates on legislation and a pro-active management of the impact.
    • HR admin: probationary period, salary increases, promotion & resignation.
    • Development of a recruitment policy.
    • Recruitment: Candidate identification, CV vetting, assistance with interviews.

Ongoing Support

We provide:
    • Ad hoc HR advice provided on a query-led basis
    • Regular updates on legislation and a pro-active management of the impact
    • HR administration: probationary period, salary increases, promotion & resignation
    • Development of a recruitment policy
    • Recruitment: Candidate identification, CV vetting, assistance with interviews
    • Online Appraisal System to manage:
      • 360 Degree & Objective Performance Assessment
      • Business measurable / KPIs
      • Advance training record manager
      • Maintaining holiday, absence and attendance records
      • Health and Safety Health check and ongoing support, as required

    Talent Management

    If your organisation became excellent at doing all the right things to engage, develop and retain talent and if you had a ‘balance sheet’ for your people in the same way you would report a financial position, you would become a ‘best place to work’.

    We can provide you with a web-enabled structure for key human resource functions such as appraisal and succession planning, plus some creative thinking, user-friendliness and highly effective delivery methods. The process is well-managed throughout and therefore as painless as possible for our users.

    It is a managed system containing a set of tools that will enable you to identify your rising stars, show development potential, track individual aspirations and feedback and indicate when an individual is at risk of leaving.

    It is completely tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. The process is fast, easy and engaging for all participants.

    For example:
      • Pre appraisal forms are sent automatically with chasing to prompt action
      • Both parties complete on-line pre-appraisal forms
      • Information is collated instantly to form an ‘agenda;’
      • Face to face appraisal takes place and on-line record completed (ideally in the meeting)
      • Personal development plans are available instantly
      • Reports are produced immediately and can be viewed by company, region, area, unit and individual
      • Reviews and updates are easily achievable

    Clients who have used this system:
      • 85 -100% completion rates
      • Improved motivation – a strong message ‘we value our people’
      • Higher employee retention – in some cases improved by 200%
      • Instant, detailed training needs analysis – so that investment in learning and development can be accurately targeted
      • Succession plans available at the touch of a button
      • Top level management information and ‘quick wins’ to take back to the business
      • A return on investment, in some cases up to 500% in year one

    Online Appraisals

    One of the most under-rated and most under-utilised tools for employee engagement and communication are appraisals.

    Where an appraisal process is well done, both the individual and line manager will gain a lot from it, there will be an agreement reached leading to a continuing improvement of performance, employees hearts and minds will be won over and the organisation will thrive.

    Sadly, using a paper-based traditional approach this is rarely achieved.

    We can help with this by implementing an online, intuitive solution. Using this system, not only are employees voices heard, and Personal Development plans built but also the Management of the Company can overview the Conclusions and gain an appreciation of the motivational state of mind of the Company’s most valuable asset: the Talent.