Financial Education

Providing financial education for staff is becoming an increasing priority for companies:

    • To help in the retention of that staff member
    • To increase staff happiness, and to lower stress levels around personal finance
    • To increase awareness of the value of Employee Benefits packages
    • To “add some value” to the staff-member maybe even in a “pastoral care” sense!

Usually however, companies have not had the resources to do this, the HR team are over-stretched doing the day job and there has never been an acceptable alternative group to perform this role.

Typically therefore, we find that staff have:

    • Little or no idea about their financial situation and
    • Little or no interest in their employment package (other than the salary)

We have been doing financial education for staff for over 7 years: typically to NHS doctors in hospitals, to athletes from the BAC (British Athletics Commission), to specific leading companies, and to various accounting and legal groups.

We tailor the presentation to the audience: so we would tend to present in a more punchy and fun way to younger groups, more sedately to older groups (and august professional bodies!)

It can also be geared to helping the staff members gain a better appreciation of their benefits in conjunction with the Pensions Department.

The key is ‘engagement’.