Total Reward

Total Reward

Total Reward Statements outline the value of financial benefits, as well as perks with a less tangible value.

They are used by employers to demonstrate the value of an employee’s total reward package in order to raise awareness of the value of the benefits they are entitled to or receive.

These statements outline the value of traditional benefits, such as pensions, salary and employee share schemes. But employers are becoming more aware of the importance of highlighting the value of other perks relating to training, health and wellbeing initiatives.

We also encourage employers to value the access we give to “Financial Education” as this not only encourages employees to view it in a positive manner, but also encourages them to take advantage of it.

Each Total Reward Statement is personalised to reflect individual employee’s packages.

They can be produced automatically on the “Flex” system, but also using less expensive options. We encourage employers to take advantage of online platforms as this makes them look more “switched on”.