Payroll Services

Case Study 2 - International Company, Payroll Integration

We process payroll data for a variety of international clients, ensuring all their payroll data, regardless of jurisdiction, is reported consistently, accurately and securely via the same payroll system.

Phase 1 – Situation

In the latter half of 2009, we commenced work with a Company with offices in the UK and Denmark. Historically, companies operating on a worldwide basis have struggled to have consistency in terms of payroll reporting. Through our network of international payroll partners, Q&A People Matter is able to provide its clients with international payroll processing services utilising the International Integrated Payroll System (iiPaySP), which is web based and multi currency.

Our Client’s overall objective was to process both their domestic and international payrolls using the same system, undertake the processing on the same time scale and to receive a bespoke Employee Data report to upload to an existing internal System as well as the conventional payroll output reports.

In working with us from the outset our Client has received the following key deliverables:

  • Accuracy and attention to detail in terms of data processing;
  • Professional presentation of data;
  • Consistency of reporting across the Company’s payrolls irrespective of location;
  • Statutory reporting, both ongoing and annual;
  • Payment of salaries in line with an agreed time scale, regardless of currency;
  • Online payslip allowing 24/7 access together with ability to print, download and/or save;
  • Data security.


Our client has the peace of mind that both of its UK and Danish payrolls are being run in a consistent, accurate and timely manner.

Employees are able to get access to their payslips online, which suits their needs, particular being able to view historic payslips.

Going forward, we have the ability to offer:

  • Continuous improvement of existing services
  • Payroll processing across further jurisdictions
  • Such bespoke reporting as the client may require from time to time