Expatriate Management

Case Study 4 - Multinational Company - Employee Relocation

We provide HR and Benefit services for a Company within the software services and data management.

The Company has entities in the UK, US and Russia and due to the specialist area within the business and the lack of skills and knowledge in the UK it was decided to offer one of the Russian Employees a position within the UK industry.

Phase 1 – Situation
The employee concerned had recently married and whilst he could speak basic business English his wife could not speak English and had never travelled outside of Russia. They had a property in Russia and a whole myriad of personal belongings.

Cultural awareness and education was one of the first steps that we addressed and a visit was arranged for the employee and his wife to come to the UK to meet the Team, have a guided tour of the area and the “must” visit into London.

A date was agreed as to when the actual start date was to be and then the work began on the following:

  • Visa application process
  • Flights
  • Where to live, what could they afford. This was a major eye opener as the realisation that whilst the UK salary verses the Russian salary seem significantly more, when you actually factored in the UK cost of living they would not actually be living like a King and Queen!
  • Negotiation of the Lease agreement, once the apartment had been found
  • Shopping for furnishings
  • Bank Account
  • New Contract of Employment
  • Explanation of the UK employee benefit package
  • Then there was the language barrier to address so we sourced a Russian speaking English teacher so that the employee and his wife could have lessons, locally as neither of them could drive.
  • Registration with the local GP


The list was (almost) endless, but we were on hand to ensure that the employee and his wife settled in.

Ensuring that his wife was settled was essential as we needed to ensure that the employee could hit the ground running and be focused on his new role and not distracted, which we successfully achieved.